Salgari Records presenta Hannah Lee live
Sabato 5 Agosto | dalle 18 alle 24

▶︎ Live by Hannah Lee / 
▶︎ Djset by Migra

▶︎ Ingresso Gratuito ( con Tessera Arci)

1f337.png Hannah Lee (USA) (Voodoohop, Multi Culti) 1f337.png

Hannah Lee is a producer, sound artist, and DJ from LA whose work explores the introspective and corporeal possibilities of music and sound by weaving sonic textures built from analog instruments, field recordings, and other found noises.

While touring Europe this summer, Hannah Lee will be performing live sets that combine both the melodic and percussive components of electric organs with various analog effects and improvisational techniques. Each live set will be totally unique, but will each create a sonic journey that seeks to unite melodic noise with psychedelic undertones and ambient intentions.

Fresh out the oven, their new EP Transiciones is a compact yet eclectic expression of personal triumph in trying times. The five tracks that Transiciones consists of musicalize a post-traumatic journey through phases of grief, frustration, freedom, reflection, and insanity. Hannah Lee bases this EP on melodic explorations and technical “mistakes” with electric organs, alongside glitchy beats made by digital keyboards and their built-in drum machines, field recordings, white noise, and other sounds made by mistake or on purpose throughout the clumsy, messy process of creation.

The eclectic producer has launched sound experiments in a variety of formats, from long-form ambient projects like their collaboration with Colombian gaita player El León Pardo – ‘Y que es el sol para ellos, sino algo que produce sombras?’ – to their happy-go-melancholy EP ‘Cosas Finas’ on the Brazilian label Voodoohop, to ambisonic installations like their site-specific cave experience ‘Vientre’, to club singles in collaboration with Hermetics (Multi Culti) and NTFL (CTM) (not to mention, an upcoming remix for Andi Otto’s new album, dropping soon on Multi Culti!)

Hannah Lee LIVE at Sesiones al Parque

1f406.png Migra 1f406.png

Migra è il nuovo progetto solista di Davide Vizio, fondatore dell’etichetta Salgari Records, e produttore di Nina Simmons & Voz De La Frontera.

Migra è un viaggio attraverso culture musicali, un percorso di ascolto che guida verso luoghi e tempi lontani. Produzioni elettroniche, groove ipnotici e suoni che migrano come stormi sui continenti del mondo”.


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Salgari Records: label indipendente di Torino, attenta alle tendenze e allo sviluppo della scena Downtempo-Cosmic-Organic House-Global Beats, che si propone di creare sinergie musicali tra artisti nazionali e internazionali con l’obiettivo di alimentare una comunità culturale allargata.

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Sabato 5 Agosto



dalle 18.00 alle 24.00


Bunker Area Wake


▶︎ Ingresso Gratuito
▶︎ Necessaria Tessera ARCI


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